UniqueDEX - Launch on 10th May 2022/ An amazing interpretive blockchain platform

UniqueDEX is the first trading engine built on an aggregator. In this interpretive blockchain platform, we have provided the best and most cutting-edge solutions available in the blockchain industry to date. Just look at the following list:

  • Order Book That Is Integratable and Aggregated
  • Integratable Trading Engine
  • The Omnipresent Order Book of Aggregated Orders
  • Trading Engine with Advanced Technology
  • Discounts on the token economy and fee structure
  • Governance and Stakeholder Engagement

What makes UniqueDEX special?

Our goal in the world of UniqueDEX is to create a complete ecosystem for all users. For example, with our new technology, anyone enables to create their own exchanges (dubbed “AMMs,” or Automated Market Makers). Also, all traders can easily start trading cryptocurrencies, using yield-mining, and staking as an incentive mechanism to provide liquidity in the market. As a result, we can say that we have provided an outlet for managed market making for an entire blockchain’s DEX liquidity for all of you.

Also, we launched the UniqueDEX official mobile wallet app to create a great user interface to easily order-book, buy and sell, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges globally. UniqueDEX is a multichain platform based on peer-to-peer trading technologies and a great solution for connecting traders with brokers.

UniqueDEX Team

UniqueDEX platform, launched by a large and experienced team and allows users to get the best price at any time from any DEX market. Our Team get KYC verification. Our roadmap and our WhitePaper well illustrate UniqueDEX’s great goals to make UniqueDEX one of the first and most successful trading engines built on an aggregator.

$ UDEX token

We have launched the UDEX token as a high deflationary DEX token in the ETH network. UDEX token serves as an open standard for decentralized applications (dApps) that integrate functionality into the UniqueDEX ecosystem. Also, UDEX safeguards the protocol’s users and stakeholders. You can join the UniqueDEX family by buying a UDEX token and receive daily or weekly dividends in the form of UDEX tokens (UDEX). It’s good to mention, that Contract is audited with TechRate and passed with KYC verification.

How to buy a $ UDEX token?

You can easily purchase this token through OurDex and Uniswap and join UDEX token holders. Many features such as a great roadmap and an experienced development team make UDEX special and provide one of the best investment opportunities for all of you.


Buy Tax (Total: 6%)

  • Marketing fee: 4%
  • Dev fee: 1%
  • Auto-Liqudity fee: 1%

Sell Tax (Total : 10%)

  • Marketing fee : 7%
  • Dev fee : 2%
  • Auto-Liqudity fee : 1%

Token Distribution

  • Total token supply — 1 billion
  • 10% goes to founders and team (lock for 1 year)
  • 10% goes to the treasury for rewards
  • 80% goes to liquidity

Website: https://uniquedex.org
Telegram: https://t.me/uniquidexentryportal
Twitter: UniqueDex (@uniquedex_) / Twitter



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